The Venice Clay Cat Family Portrait

Venice Clay Cats
Venice Clay Cats
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These ceramic cat sculptures are great fun for art pottery and figurine collectors. As with all our items they can be shipped directly to family and friends for a very personalized gift with a hand written card.

The heights at the top of the tails are 3", 4"and 8". The smallest size is the Ani Kitten, the piece featured on HGTV.

They also make a wonderful gift for cat crazed art lovers.

Pictured from Left To Right: , Maya 4"(in Jade) , Kitten 8"(in Perriwinkle) and Ani 3" (in Apple Green).

Ani Kitten : The Little Celebrity Cat Figurine Select First Class Mail to get $8 U.S.A. Shipping!
This is the piece I made on HGTV. Pictured in Marigold, our smallest but one of our most popular cat sculptures. (Ani is named after the artist's youngest daughter.) A great thank you gift or housewarming present. Can be sent directly with a handwritten note card. Each one is signed.
"Kitty" is pictured here from left to right in Blue Fog, Pippin Green and Apple Green. This cat sculpture stand about 8" tall at the tail. This is the first of Gary Steinborn's cat sculptures. (Kitty is named after the artist's sister.) This is a great item for your own collection. Also fantastic as a gift you can give yourself or have shipped with a hand written note. Each item is unique, hand made and signed artwork, so its not like buying a gift card to a electronics store. This is the real deal, it is pop art combined with American Craft.
Kitty kitty
Maya Kitten Ani Kitten : The Little Celebrity Cat Figurine Select First Class Mail  to get $8 Domestic Shipping
Pictured from left in jade, black and perriwinkle blue, Maya is litte Ani's big sister. (Named after the artist's oldest daughter.) Along with the Kitty and Ani it makes a family of three sizes and personalities. Get them in three colors and combine the positions and colors to create a completely special tableau. And guess what? as with all our items they are hand made, signed and can be sent with a hand written gift card.