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All Venice Clay items are based on sculpted and wheel thrown original works by Gary Steinborn. Each piece is made in our studio in Venice, California U.S.A. and hand signed by the artist. There is no imitation if you want the real thing.

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16 Cats on a Vase: 5" tall.

Cat Vase and Dog Vase
Cat Vase and Dog Vase
Item# 16catsonvase

Product Description

Gary incises lines and puts details on each piece individually. Pictured above in "Two Tone Jade" and also available in solid colors (see picture below)


Cat Vase: 5" tall.
Pictured from left to right: Jade, Perriwinkle Blue and Pippin Green
Cat Funeral Ash Urn
We have had a number of requests to make a special jar with a lid for cremation ashes for our customers whose cats have passed away. We a very pleased to offer the 16 cat vase with a very simple lid so it can be used as a cat cremation urn. A average sized cat's ashes fit easily in this jar and you can leave the ashes in the bag from the cremation. You can secure the lid with a couple of drops of glue, silicone or earthquake wax to keep people from taking the lid off. If you have been looking for a jar for your pet's ashes this is a very nice sculptural vase for the purpose. It is available white and celedon crackle and all our regular matt colors as well as the two tone jade.
Cat Funeral Ash Urn catvlid
Dog Vase
The dog vase is 5" high and has 13 dogs playing and sleeping on all over the place. The photo show all three angles.
Dog Vase newitem