Pet Urns

I have received some really nice feedback on the pet urns I make, it's become a part of what I do that brings me a lot of satisfaction as an artist.

Jennifer wrote to me about her cat's urn: I received my order... Its a very meaningful piece of art to me. Believe me I looked and looked and looked for a cat urn that was befitting for my best friend ... Once I got my piece of art I put his ashes in it and his collar and the little clippings of his fur and put the lid on and sat back and looked at it. For the first time since he died I felt like something was right. It sits on my desk at home in my office and I just love it!

From Dee, regarding the Dog Urn she got (her dog was about 50 pounds): Thank you so much for Rexxie's urn. His ashes fit in perfectly, and this urn is just right for him. He was a homey dog who loved the woods, cuddling and snow. He will always be a part of me.
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