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Venice Clay Dogs
Venice Clay Dogs
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Pictured above in Jade Apple Green and Sunflower Yellow, the Dog is about 8"long by 8"high . Yes you can have sleek modernist architecture and still have colorful and fun stuff around. If your architect or designer doesn't like them remember who loves you: the Modern Dog!


DG-1 Dog Pictured here in white glaze. Sold individually, it is about 8" long and 8" high. Available in all colors. It's a monument to doggy-ness. Also it's at least as good as the best dog sculpture you will find, it's smooth like a river rock, hand made signed and can be sent with a hand written card. And it comes in 24 awesome colors. It's like Jeff Koons but it's sincere, it's like Andy Warhol but more talkative. Also it's real art but less expensive than those other guys making it very good as an investment.
Little puppies, DG-2. Sold individually they are about 4" long and 4" tall. The three pictured here are black, purple sage and periwinkle blue. They are available in all the colors. Hand signed and can be sent with a hand written note. One of my personal favorites of the things I have made.
Puppy DG-2
Mini Dogs
Each Venice Clay mini dog is completely individually handmade by Gary Steinborn. The price is $20 each. They are small and full of character with handmade details and expressions not available anywhere else. To order: Each Mini Dog is unique. Write what you would like in the gift message section when ordering or email to tell me what you would like.
Mini Dogs Mini